1.Attendance: David McCall , Frank Williamson,  Lisa Waddell, Ann Robertson, Kate Howatson, Pat Findlay, Richard Copson, Joanne Harris, Douglas Waddell, Alan Dingle, David Jamieson

2. Apologies: Tony Hartnell, Ian Blake, Davie Stitt

3. Minutes of the Meeting on 31st July 2017:


Proposed -   Joanne Harris            Seconded – Alan Dingle

4. Matters Arising:

a) Dog Show: Angela Synard , Events Director , Glencaple Canine Rescue Centre received a cheque from the Association for £792 raised at the Dog Show. A really fantastic contribution and many thanks to all those who supported the event in the many different roles.

b) Notice boards in the Bus Shelter are now in place. Sincere thanks to Derek Hutchinson for supplying them and the accessories free of charge.

5. Treasurers Report as at August 2017



No donations received this month, so the total for the year remains at £2,495 from 60 people, which is marginally better than last year’s total of £2,310 from 59 people.



None received.


Hall Hire:

We received £900 from D&G Council for the two elections earlier in the year and £75 from “Fever” for their concert on 1 September.



The Dog Show was a great success. We raised £792 for Canine Rescue thanks to sponsorship of £360 and entry money of £432 from over 60 dogs. Teas, coffees and the raffle raised £333.13 (thanks to Lisa, Katie Harris and many donors of cakes and nibbles), from which £68 of expenses have been deducted.


Car Park Contributions:

£255 banked this month, making a total, for the year, of £1,840 which is marginally up on 2015/16.


The Kipp Donations: We have received just over £35,400 from 39 people. This allied to the £4,365 raised last year and the refund of over £7,200 which I expect to receive from my Gift Aid claim means that we have accumulated just over £47,000 for The Kipp acquisition.


Other Income:

None received.



We paid the usual electricity and cleaning bills and also paid Small Print £86 for the newsletter


Cash Book Balance:

As at 31/08/17 general funds were approximately £29,200 and there was also approx. £40,100 earmarked for The Kipp.


The Kipp Group


The cattle were taken off the fields last month. Mr Richardson has taken his equipment from the land. With the £47,000 raised plus loans from two individuals, the land was purchased from The Kipp Ltd on 6 September.


Douglas Waddell.



6. Hall Manager’s report: August 2017


We provisionally reserved the hall for an afternoon tea party for a summer visitor to the village.  However, the weather was kind and they we able to host their event in the garden.  They kindly donated £20 to the village funds as a note of thanks.


The fire extinguishers are due their annual inspection.  D&G Fire have been contacted to arrange a visit.

Subject to weather, external gardening work is planned for the outside of the hall.  Thanks to Douglas & Richard for volunteering. Thank you also to David Mc for cleaning the canopies and gutters near the front door.

Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)

Photos of the dog show added to the website and to our Facebook page. 

There is a new section on the website covering The Kipp Appeal, including some background information, ways to donate, and the current amount raised.Feedback on the village email updates has been positive.  Any villager not on the email list can sign up at via the ‘Village News’ page on the website.


Hall Bookings

New bookings:

  • 25th May 2018 – Dumfries and Galloway Canine Rescue, Coffee morning


Up and coming Hall events:

  • 25th October – RNLI Coffee Morning
  • 4th November – Wine Tasting
  • 27th November Kippford Association AGM 7:30pm
  • 15th December – Christmas Carols


  • The Friday evening Badminton club have confirmed they are resuming from September through to June 2018
  • Tuesday night’s Bridge club resumes 26 September


7. The Kipp: Ownership of the Kipp has now been transferred to the Kippford Association.

Richard to circulate a draft letter giving an update for the village.

Next steps- need to give some thought as to what we want to do with the land.

The Kippford Association sub committee will put a draft plan together suggesting ways in which the land can be used to enhance the community.

Thank you letter to donors will be drafted by David Mc

High priority will be to repair fences,dykes and to address drainage issues.


8. Future Activities:

a) Macmillan Coffee Event 29th September 2017– David J keen to plan and go ahead with this.

b) Wine Tasting- 4th November 2017

c) Carol Concert- 15th December 2017

d) Kipp Walk in the Spring 2018



a) Suspected  Japanese knotweed- adjacent to the chevron road sign. Trying to determine who owns the land?.


b) Newsletter and AGM preparation- to be finalised at the next meeting. AGM to take place on Monday 27th November 2017.


DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING:  Monday 30th October  2017 at 7 pm