​1.Attendance: David McCall ,  Frank Williamson,  Lisa Waddell, Ann Robertson, Kate Howatson, Joanne Harris, Douglas Waddell, Alan Dingle, David Jamieson, Tony Hartnell, Davie Stitt

2. Apologies: Richard Copson, Ian Blake, Pat Findlay

3. Minutes of the Meeting on 11th September 2017: Agreed


Proposed -  David Jamieson             Seconded – Joanne Harris

4. Matters Arising:

a) Japanese knot weed- trying to establish who owns the land the knot weed is on.

5. Treasurers Report as at 25.10.17 for September/October 2017


We received five donations totalling £185.


None received.

Hall Hire:

One hall booking of £75 was received as was a “holding” donation of £20.

Events:  None.

Car Park Contributions:

£304 banked at the end of September and £63 earlier this month.

The Kipp Donations:

Since the start of the year, 16 people have donated £6,175, we have received a Gift Aid repayment of £7,238 and, thanks to Richard Copson, we have collected £511 of foreign currency. Added to donations and fund-raising from previous years (£40,471), we have now raised a total of £54,390 which covers The Kipp acquisition. Certain people have been extremely generous for which we are very grateful and two loans, totalling £7,000, to cover a shortfall in funds at the time of acquisition can now be paid off.

ACTION: Update on the Kipp would be good. Douglas/Richard to do.

Other Income:

£10 for use of the notice board. The Kipp received its first income - £50 grazing let!


The Kipp was purchased for £52,140 plus legal costs of £1,016. A small addition of £69 to our insurance premium was paid to cover liabilities arising on The Kipp. The usual electric bill was paid.

Cash Book Balance:

As at 31/08/17 general funds were approximately £29,350 and there was also approx. £1,215 earmarked for The Kipp.

The Kipp Group

With the land duly purchased, we walked The Kipp with a local land expert who gave us a variety of tips to clean it up cheaply and improve drainage etc. Scottish Power have agreed to fell dead trees and prune others which are in danger of damaging their power lines. Also, we have an offer of help from a local businessman.

ACTION: David Mc to write to Hall & Bairdand to Charles Laurie thanking them for the donation of their time towards the purchase of the land.

End of year accounts will be sent out separately for the AGM. All agreed the accounts (as circulated by Douglas prior to the meeting) were satisfactory. The Annual Report will go to OSCR (Office of Scottish Charity Regulator)

Douglas Waddell.


6. Hall Manager’s report: October2017


Occasional Licence received for the forthcoming Wine Tasting Event


Fire safety equipment was inspected on 26th September, and passed for another year

Awaiting a price from Glaisters Farm, Kirkgunzeon for a 5 or 6 metre Christmas tree for outside the village hall.   They are checking stock availability.

Price confirmed as £210 . Agreed to purcahse a tree and ask for it to be delivered at the beginning of December. Hopefully the tree can be put up on 3rd December 2017.

Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)

A resident has suggested placing obituaries of residents on the village website.  I confirmed we would discuss the practicalities of the idea.

Hall Bookings

New bookings:

  • 25 November – Private event
  • 1 December – Provisional enquiry for a private event
  • 31 December – Hogmanay Party            

Up and coming Hall events:

  • 4th November – Wine Tasting
  • 27th November Kippford Association AGM 7:30pm
  • 15th December – Christmas Carols
  • 31 December – Hogmanay Party for the Village

There has been a request to use the Village Hall for an overnight session, as part of a D&G Council events programme.  I said we would consider this, check out our insurance and revert back with an answer and price.


7.Obituaries: Further to the suggestion from a resident about placing obituaries on the website the Committee felt that further discussion was required.

ACTION: David J to respond

8. Overnight stay in Village Hall: A request from Dumfries & Galloway Rural Leadership has been received about an overnight stay in the Village Hall for the Rural Leaders programme.

Agreed in principle but a visit by the organisers to take place beforehand and we would need to know the number of people who would stay and the age range. The cost would be a two day booking.

ACTION: Douglas to check insurance details and David J to arrange the visit before the event.

9. The Kipp: Kristine Filer is meeting with David Jamieson in order to send an email informing those concerned that the company The Kipp Ltd will be wound up.

Richard and Alan are meeting with Simon Pain to look at funding. Alan has also registered with the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Contact has been made with the Forestry Commission about repairs to the shared wall.

Alan also to meet with Robin Fuller, Community Officer about financial support.

We have received an offer of help to clear the very wet & muddy area around the gate.

There will be a brief outline of current thinking about how to develop the Kipp at the AGM. Douglas to present this.

ACTION: Alan to contact Kimberley Philips – Ward worker for Abbey Ward.


10. Ian McMickan – Kippford Pontoon.

Ian spoke to the Kippford Association Committee on 30th October.

The Pontoon belongs to the Dalbeattie Community Initiative and they will retain ownership of the pontoon but they are keen to have a Committee to help manage the pontoon. The pontoon is costing in excess of £600 per annum to run  (insurance and payment to Crown Estates) and the income has been falling and was less than £400 this year. A gift from the Urr Navigation Trust is helping, at the moment , towards the maintenance of the structure. Question of whether to paint the piles and cap them or leave them as they are. The structure is sound.

Question of how fees can be collected in the future a) Honsesty box b) transfer money by mobile phone c) Season ticket from the RNLI shop.

Also need to think about how to increase the usage of the pontoon- this would be a key function of the new management committee.

Ian would like to support the development of a skiff rowing club. The yacht club would be supportive of this.

It would be good to have someone in the role of Pontoon Master.Also need to replace the sign that disappeared with information about the pontoon on it.

ACTION: Kippford Association to think about the management committee and the idea of a Pontoon Master and then discuss further with Ian McMickan.

11. Tom McLennan Scottish Power

Tom provided an update on Scottish Power works at the meeting. These have now started and they will be digging along the Jubilee path during the week commencing 30.10.17.

Any issues please contact Tom. Also if the whereabouts of any badger setts are known please let Tom/Scottish Power know. Unclear if the bullock is still at large.

Work will continue into 2018. It is only the overhead wires that are going off and people will be informed when their power is due to be turned off.

12.Notice Boards: Concerns about the notice boards now being locked and enclosed have been raised by some residents. Is there now a disincentive to put notices up?

ACTIONS: The Kippford Association Meeting minutes will only be posted in the Village Hall notice board to leave more room in the bus shelter boards.

A notice to be placed in the bus shelter boards to say contact David J if anyone wants to post anything there.

David J to speak to Mary.


13. Memorial benches: Two requests have been received recently about the placing of memorial benches at Rough Firth.

ACTION: Kate to respond to the enquirers with details of the Rough Firth Association

14. Future Activities:

a) Wine Tasting- 4th November 2017: Wine speakers to email Alan to let him know the name of the wine they are planning to talk about. £6 per bottle is the limit

b) Carol Concert- 15th December 2017: 7:30 pm (to be confirmed by Carolyn Kennedy) . Tickets £5  (pay at the door) and donations for wine and mince pies. David Mc to print tickets

c) Any other events -


15. AOCB

1) Jean and John Marchbank expressed their thanks to the Committee for all their hard work during the year and wished to say how much they have appreciated the organisation of the various events.

2) Key for Disabled toilet in the Village – is it a Radar type or something else?

ACTION: Kate to check.

3) AGM : information re agenda and minutes of previous meeting (28th November 2016) to Ann asap for the paperwork to be printed and then distributed at the weekend.

To be noted that Committee members are being sought.

4) New cherry tree for the carpark. David J to follow up

5) Stones knocked off the wall along the front. Davie Stitt to make enquiries re repairs.



DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING:    Monday 27th November 2017 after the AGM