1.Attendance: David McCall, Douglas Waddell, Lisa Waddell, Frank Williamson, Pat Finlay, Joanne Harris, Richard Copson, Tony Hartnell, Alan Dingle, Kate Howatson

2. Apologies: Ann Robertson, David Jamieson, Davie Stitt

3. Minutes of the Meeting on 24th October 2016: Agreed.

Proposed - Douglas Waddell        Seconded – Pat Finlay

4. Matters Arising: Tickets for the Carol Concert are £5 not £10 as per the minutes.

5. Appointment of Office Bearers:

  • CHAIR: David McCall
  • DEPUTY CHAIR: Alan Dingle
  • TREASURER: Douglas Waddell
  • HALL MANAGER: David Jamieson
  • WEBMASTER: Tony Hartnell
  • SECRETARY: Kate Howatson
  • DEPUTY SECRETARY: Ann Robertson

6. Treasurers Report:


During the first three months of the new year, we received £105 in donations from four residents.


We received a year’s rent (£180) from the Urr Bridge Club.

Hall Hire:

£135 received for two private hires.


The Kipparty was thoroughly enjoyed by the few of us (41) who attended. After costs, over £100 was raised but, in addition, we have drinks stock held by Kinnairds which can be used for other events such as New Year’s Day. Well done to Joanne.

Car Park Contributions:

Since the start of the year we have taken over £430, which appears to be up on last year – almost certainly due to the exceptionally good weather.

The Kipp Donations:

One donation received for £200.

Other Income:

The electricity meter contributed just over £170.


We spent just under £170 on bollards for the car park, around £60 on the annual service of fire equipment, approx. £90 on printing the AGM newsletter, £275 on the heat pump annual service and £75 on repairs to the passage light as well as the usual electricity and cleaning costs. Incidentally, we have not been keeping pace with our electricity consumption and our Direct Debit for Scottish Power will rise from £21 per month to £120.


We received £1,085 in Gift Aid repayments - £750 for the Kipp and £335 for general donations.

Cash Book Balance:

Our funds are now just over £30,800.

The Kipp Group

Very little to report other that Ken & Kristine are keeping the pressure on Mr Richardson via their solicitor but the law is reacting exceedingly slowly and we now need to wait until January for his next court session.

7. Hall Manager’s report:


There were two new bookings for the Hall during November, one for a February booking of ‘The Fever’ trio.

A new light was installed in the cloakroom and the hall heaters were serviced.

In view of the expensive light bulbs in the hall’s main ceiling (one has stopped working and another is intermittently on) and their increasing difficulty to purchase, it is worth considering a new set of ceiling lights based on led bulbs. If the Committee is agreeable, I’ll get some quotes.

Agreed that Tony would obtain quotes for replacing the lights inside the Hall and the item to be discussed at a future meeting once the quotes are in.

The Hall Christmas tree was erected on Sunday 20th November by nine volunteers. The tree was kindly donated by Bill Ford.

WEBSITE (www.kippfordvillage.org)

Nothing to report this month.   

8. Future Activities:

a) Dressing the indoor Christmas Tree: Saturday morning 4th December. Volunteers needed to help Lisa please.

b) Carol Concert 22nd December. Ann and Kate to buy mince pies. Joanne to price mulled wine in Dumfries & liaise with Margaret Poynor –Clark to buy the wine etc for the event.

Tony to apply for a drinks licence.

c) New Year’s Day drinks and canapes: to start at 12 noon.

Margaret Poynor–Clark kindly agreed to do posters for this event.

 Douglas Waddell to organise drinks for the New Year’s Day event.


i) Leaning tree at the south of the car park. Tony to put a post in to support it.

ii) Donations to the Kippford Association :

·       Reminders to be given at the New Year’s Day gathering

·       Forms to be provided mentioning the average donation and giving Kippford Association Bank Details for those who wish to pay by BACS

DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 23rd January 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall