The Kippford Association

Minutes of Committee meeting held on 21 May 2018


Present:   D McCall (Chair), M Barrett, A Dingle, K Gibson, J Harris, R Kennedy, D Waddell, F Williamson, Councillor D Stitt

Apologies for absence:

 V Bardbury, R Copson, D Jamieson, Councillor I Blake


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. He commended those who had organised the successful dinner in the Village Hall on Saturday 12 May. He had heard only very complimentary reports about the event. He recorded special thanks to Joanne Harris and David Jamieson.

Minutes of previous meeting held 0n 19 March 2018 were agreed and signed by D McCall.

Matters arising:

D McCall apologised as he had not yet any action to address the matter of weeds along the roadside at the sea wall.

K Gibson reported that he and others had collected some money from boat owners who had used the pontoon in recent weeks.

K Gibson suggested that the pool table in the foyer might be put to use in the Village Hall if a Pool Team could be created in the Village. K Gibson will make enquiries with a view to participating in a local league possibly commencing in the autumn.

Treasurer’s Report

Donations : In the current financial year, thirty-seven donations had been received totalling £1,545 (ave. £42) versus fort-nine worth £2,055 (ave. £42) at this time last year .

Rents : None received since last meeting

Events: The Annual Dinner was a great success thanks to Joanne Harris, David Jamieson and Carter Catering. A small surplus of just over £14 was made on the night.

Car Park Donations: Nothing has been banked this month

The Kipp Donations:  A further £100 has been received. The total is now 29 donations amounting £9,677.84 (including foreign currency and The Kipp Ltd’s surplus) A Gift Aid repayment of £7,238 has been received together with a Wayleaves payment of £81.31 and a Grazing Let payment of £250. Payments of £860 for tree clearing at the roadside and £177 for copy deeds and plans have been made.  Consequently, there is a surplus of £2,140 A further claim for Gift Aid repayment is still to be made.

Other Income: £288 has been banked from the electricity meter from which a total of £852 has been collected in the financial year.

Outgoings:  a total £788 has been paid for the insurance premium, electricity and cleaning charges.

Cash book Balance: The general funds are approximately £32,300. There is additional approx. £2,410 for The Kipp.

Update from the Kipp Group:

Val and Alan have attended a field trip with David Hawker, the Official Botanical Recorder for Kirkcudbrightshire. This was in preparation for a forthcoming survey of The Kipp by David Hawker.

Two verge tidying sessions have occurred, the first on 24 April when there were 10 volunteers.  On he second day on 19 May only 4 volunteers were able to attend  . Our thanks to all who have helped to make the noticeable improvements to the appearance of the verge.

Several grants have been applied for the Robin Rigg?/Community Fund, SWEAT, D&G Discretionary Fund, The Forestry Commission and LEADER. It could take several months before the outcome of these grant applications is known.

The position of the boundary between Kipp Lodge and The Kipp is currently being disputed as is the location of a ‘right of access’  into the garden of Kipp Lodge. The Kippford Association has sought legal advice. A letter has been sent to the owner of Kipp Lodge to assist in clarifying this matter and re-instating the original boundary fence.

Hall Manger’s Report

Regarding the earlier enquiries about the use of the Village Hall and Car Park for a wedding in September 2018, further details have been made available. It is now proposed that a marquee will be erected on the grass on the Friday and be removed on the Sunday. The car park and most of the grounds will be available all day on the Friday and Sunday. The wedding will not require exclusive use of the carpark as had been envisaged originally.

After, discussing the matter it was decided that a reduced fee should now be offered to the wedding organisers.

Hall Refurbishments:  Quotations are being sought for a comprehensive replacement of the internal lighting in the Hall Village hall together with redecoration and replacement of curtains and minor repairs to the flooring.  No Commitments have been made as yet until such time that the quotations have been received.  The greatest expenditure is expected to be for the lighting component. It is intended to seek quotations from local trades and suppliers where possible. It is hoped that the works can be undertaken in July 2018.



The Earl Haig Fund Scottish Poppy Appeal in the Kippford area:

Eileen Steele has intimated her intention to relinquish the responsibility for organising the local collections. Eilleen has fulfilled this role for the past 24 years. She has asked the Association to assist in finding a willing volunteer to take on this role for this and possibly subsequent years. Please contact to register your interest.

Neighbourhood Watch:

John Withers has notified the Committee that he wishes to hand over the responsibilities of being the Local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Kippford. John is very keen to talk through his experience and hand over the reins. Please contact John or a member of the Committee.

Traffic Congestion and Parking in Kippford

Traffic congestion is a recurring problem in the village especially at peak holiday times and at weekends. Visitors frequently travel the entire length of the village looking for a parking place only to have to return along the busy roadway and, in so doing, meet the opposing stream of traffic and finding no passing opportunity.  It is felt that there is insufficient parking at the seafront. The Committee has asked Councillor Stitt to raise this matter with relevant staff within D&G Council. Can additional parking spaces be created? Will additional parking spaces have a positive impact on traffic management?


Communication: It has been suggested that there is a need for improved communications between the Committee and the membership of the Association.  The Minutes are proving difficult to read in the notice boards as the print is too small. It was suggested that Newsletter should be produced at an appropriate time when we have significant progress to report.

 Review of the Constitution:  Committee members are asked to submit their views to Martin          Barrett with the next two weeks as this will be an Agenda item when the Committee next meets.


Date of next meeting:  Monday 18 June 2018 , 7 pm , Village Hall