1.Attendance: David McCall , Joanne Harris, Frank Williamson,  Alan Dingle, David Jamieson, Douglas Waddell, Lisa Waddell, Ann Robertson, Kate Howatson, Ian Blake, Davie Stitt

2. Apologies: Richard Copson, Tony Hartnell, Pat Findlay

3. Minutes of the Meeting on 24th April 2017: Two amendments noted.

Proposed – Frank Williamson              Seconded – Alan Dingle

4. Matters Arising: None

5. Treasurers Report as at 21/05/17


Another eight residents contributed £250, making £2,305 ytd from 57 folk (average £40). This is virtually in line with last year at this time.


Half year rents were received for Tai Chi, Yoga, YogaLates and Ballet Fitness.

Hall Hire:

Two hire fees were received from Pollard and Caldwell.


The Annual Dinner was a great success with a number of people returning because it was held in the hall. Congratulations to Joanne and David for organising it.

Car Park Contributions:

I banked £364 this month, making £1,026 so far this year.

The Kipp Donations:

No further donations.

Other Income:

We received £5 for use of the notice board.


We paid just over £1,300 for the Annual Dinner caterer, resulting in a modest profit for the night. We also paid £460 for a new kitchen water boiler and £35 to the Information Commissioner as well as our usual Scottish Power and cleaning bills.

Cash Book Balance:

General funds are now approximately £27,500 and there is also approx. £4,500 earmarked for The Kipp.

The Kipp Group

The Land Court decision is that Mr Richardson has no rights over the Kipp, nor any form of tenancy. The appeal to the Sheriff Court was dismissed and Richardson’s solicitor has indicated that he will be off the land within the 21 day timescale, ie by the end of the first week in June.

Douglas Waddell.


6. Hall Manager’s report: May 2017


Our registration form has been submitted to the Information Commissioner to register under the Data Protection Act.  Broadly speaking, we are registered as handling information as a Charitable Club/Society under two key areas:

  • We process personal information to enable us to administer our membership records and activities including fundraising; maintain our own accounts and records
  • CCTV for crime prevention

Confirmation has been received from the ICO and our membership fee (£35) sent.

Occasional Licence (Alcohol licence) for the Boules, Cheese & Wine evening has been applied for.

Sent an email to the Solway Yacht club to remind them to get their application in for an Occasional Licence for 10/11 June if they have not already done so.


New water boiler purchased and installed.

Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)

Future Meeting dates have been added to the website

Hall Bookings

New confirmed bookings:

  • 27 January 2018, RNLI SOS event

Up and coming Hall events in June , July and August 2017

  • 3rd  June: (afternoon), Private function
  • 8th  June: General election polling station
  • 10/11th  June: Sailability sailing event and social evening
  • 17th June: Private function
  • 24th June: Boules, Cheese & Wine
  • 2nd July RNLI fundraiser lunch
  • 4th-12th August Kippford Painters Exhibition
  • 19th August Dog Show


7. Book recycling : A resident had suggested that we have a book exchange/recycling scheme outside the Village Hall. It was agreed that as the RNLI shop in the village already has a second hand book stall with funds going directly to the RNLI we should not have a competing scheme. We felt that we could put a notice on our noticeboard drawing attention to the RNLI scheme.

8. Notice board in the Bus shelter (carried forward): Richard to follow up and Alan to look online for other quotes.

9. Future Activities:

a) Boules: Saturday 24th June 2017

b) Dog Show: Saturday 19th August 2107

c) Future events

The Fever have booked the Hall for another concert on 1st September 2017

Autumn Walk??

Wine Tasting  - suggested date 4th November 2017. Alan, Douglas, Frank and Tony W to provide wines for tasting and Kate, Pat and Joanne to source cheese etc – Joanne to contact Cows & Co .

Kings Grange Singers Carol Concert – Friday 15th December 2017. Douglas to confirm the date with Carolyn Kennedy.

Village Dinner 2018 - starting to think about options for next year

11. AOCB

a) Spring Walk : Pictures of Spring Walk at Edingham are on the website. A good turnout. Kate to write to Matthew to thank him for taking the time to guide the walk.

b) David McC was approached by a resident who was concerned about an article in a newspaper about the Urr Navigation Trust and wondering if developments with the Trust would have any implications for the Kippford moorings.

Douglas informed the meeting that an organisation called KARMA (Kippford and Rockliffe Moorings Association) have resposibility over the Kippford moorings so there should be no impact on them from developments within the Urr Navigtion Trust.

2) Planning Applications submitted :

Craigroan – kiosk to house a water treatment unit. This to be temporary for a year.

The Beacon – application to extend to the rear and side of the house.

3) Traffic. Concerns were expressed about the problem driving along the front of the Village & trying to negotiate all the parked cars, particularly with on-coming vehicles. Fears for pedestrian safety were expressed and also access for emergency vehicles.

ACTION: Kate to write to Mike Grunwell , Stewartry Roads Dept expressing our concerns and wondering whether a rumble strip might help slow drivers down at the left hand bend?

Kate also to make enquiries about the provision of a flashing speed indicator sign funded with support from the Community Safety Fund. Contact person is Martin Ogilvie.

DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: 26th June 2017 at 7 pm