Attendance: David McCall (Chair), Alan Dingle (Dep. Chair), David Jamieson (Hall Manager), Douglas Waddell (Treasurer), Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury, Richard Copson, Kevin Gibson, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding,

Apologies:   Ian Blake, Joanne Harris, Davie Stitt, Frank Williamson






Committee Chairs Opening Remarks


David McCall (DM) welcomed everyone to the meeting.  

DM reported that Tony W has left the village and as a result has resigned as secretary of the Association with immediate effect.

David Jamieson (DJ) will take minutes for the meetings until a replacement has been identified.




Apologies for absence

As noted above




Minutes of previous meeting held on 19 February 2018


The minutes were agreed and DM signed these as a true record of the meeting.




Matters arising

DJ confirmed he will circulate minutes form the Kipp Meetings to the KA committee.

Sea wall: Kevin Gibson (KG) has looked at the dyke and reports that two stones have fallen off.  He suggests that we open it up rather than add the stones back -- there is a set of steps behind the wall as a way up from the shore front.   Val Bradbury (VB) thinks the seawall is the council’s responsibility, however we accepted there was little chance of a quick resolution to this.  Given that it used to be open, and it would potentially reduce walking traffic on the road by allowing people to access the shore front, it was agreed that the committee take an opportunity to view the wall.  If there is not any obvious reason to have it closed, we will consider its reopening.

Regarding the weed issue on the verge – KG does not think there are many weeds and we probably do not want to spray pesticide.  David M proposing to hoe the area and take the tops off the weeds.  









Treasurer’s report


We have received thirty-four donations totaling £1,425 (ave £42) versus thirty-five at this time last year worth £1,315 (ave £38).


The Urr Bridge Club paid their annual rent.

Hall Hire:

The RNLI paid £60 for their lunch combined with the SYC prizegiving event. £70 paid for the Cubs event. A private booking has paid £60 for a forthcoming gathering.



Car Park Contributions:

 £116.49 was banked today, making the YTD total £727.


The Kipp Donations:

In this financial year a total of 28 donations amounting to £9,577.84 (including foreign currency and The Kipp Ltd’s surplus) have been received along with a Gift Aid repayment of £7,238. We have also received a Wayleaves payment of £81.31 and a Grazing Let payment of £250. We have paid out £860 for tree clearing at the roadside as this required personnel to direct the traffic while the work was in progress. Consequently, there is a surplus of £2,487. In addition, a further claim for Gift Aid rebate for this year’s donations will be made.

Other Income:

We banked £100 for the electricity meter this month, so we are up to £624 YTD.


During the month, we paid out the usual electricity and cleaning charges.

Cash Book Balance:

As at today, general funds were approximately £33,030 and there was also approx. £2,487 earmarked for The Kipp.



DJ to check when the Urr Bridge Club is finishing for the season.

VB raised the fact that the heating charges appear to be high.  DJ confirmed that the charges for the £1 coin meter have not changed in the time he has been hall manager. The hall has been especially cold during the winter months due to the weather – this will have required the heaters to be on longer to raise the temperature, therefore increasing costs. Dougie Waddell (DW) and DJ to review the KwH charge set on the coin meter against charges we pay for power to ensure it covers all our costs and is fair for those using the hall.  Currently, £1 can last around 20 minutes, but is very dependent on the temperature outside and in the hall.

































Hall Managers Report



Our hall cleaner has decided to leave at the end of March.  She has put forward a couple of interested people.  DJ will arrange to meet up with them to discuss the job further.


The damp area on the wall in the main hall shows no further signs of water.  It will be left for a few more weeks before we consider repainting it.

Closer inspection of the floorboards in the main hall has highlighted a number of faulty/damaged boards.  We will engage a joiner to repair these as some are split boards.


Website (

The website has been updated to include details of the forthcoming Kipp Walks and Meeting.  An email has been circulated to all those on the village newsletter email system.

112 subscribers on the list

Our Facebook now has 457 likes/followers.

Hall Bookings

New bookings:

  • 5 May – Private Event
  • 2 June – The Fever in Concert


Up and coming Hall events:

  • 24 March, Private event
  • 7 April – The Kipp, Open afternoon
  • 16 April – Kipp Planning Meeting
  • 5 May – Dumfries Dog Rescue fund raising (morning)
  • 5 May – Private event (evening)
  • 12 May – Village Dinner



The website and the recent email about the Kipp Walk did not include where people are to meet.  Richard Copson apologised for this oversight.  DJ to update the website and send out a further update via email






























Update from the Kipp Group

Activities over the last month fall into three broad categories. 

  1. There has been a great deal of activity in preparing to seek funds and filling out complicated application forms:  Leader, IPA, SWEAT (Armstrong Waste), and D&G Discretionary Fund.

Some of these funds are time sensitive; some we need to do the work before we receive the funds, or we have to match the funding. 

We are also working to put a bid in for the EON Robin Rigg funding.

Mike Riding (MR) had a good meeting with the Forestry Commission – they would support an application from us.  They walked the land to discuss what trees would be suitable and where to plant.  MR sent a drawing with suggested layout for planting  - now awaiting feedback.  We could get up to £20k – this is roughly 5,000 trees, tubes and stakes for deer damage prevention. The village would be expected to do the tree planting.

MR to check if we, as a landowner, have a responsibility to do a deer cull on the land. 


  1. We’ve had a few working parties on the land – mostly tidying up exercises: burning excess brash and gathering fallen/cut timber.

Jason from Solway Plant Hire has walked the land and offered ideas on the best routes for potential paths.He is lending us a surveyor’s wheel to measure the proposed paths more accurately.He has offered us a digger with driver for two days to clear the top gate area. AD also speaking to Jason to have a pipe inserted to help with drainage in that area.


  1. The Group has been seeking letters of support from local groups and dignitaries.  These letters are very useful to support fundraising applications and demonstrating support from the wider community.

‘Leader’ wishes to meet with us on 29th March to walk the land and discuss our application process.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust have offered us a survey of the area, but they want the season to change slightly before they do it.  Alan needs to follow up on this.

The Kipp

After the arranged Kipp Walks, there will be an Open Day on 7th April in the village hall.  Members will be able to share their views on the plans on display in the hall.

At a subsequent Village meeting on 16th April there will be two motions proposed:

 that :

  1. ‘The Kippford Community Nature Reserve’ will be the official designation accorded to the entire area of land acquired by the Association in 2017 on behalf of its Membership and previously referred to as ‘The Kipp’.  The term, ‘The Kipp’, will continue to be recognised as the informal name for this land area.                                                                                                                                                                 
  2. Approval be granted to The Committee of The Kippford Association by the Association’s membership to seek financial assistance in the form of grants from funding organisations to facilitate the creation of enhanced landscape features including the formation of footpaths, ponds, planting of trees, and the creation of vehicular access for Disabled Visitors with an associated parking/turning area and relevant signage where appropriate. 


The threshold for approval of these motions will be 51% of the votes cast.





























 The Kippford Pontoon

David McCall (DM) to write to the Dalbeattie Initiative and ask for clarity on what they would like support with.  Is it the pontoon or slipway, or both?




Offer to the Association of upright piano

Someone has been in contact via DJ and kindly offered an upright piano for the village hall.  There has been no requirement to date for this, also, it would require regular tuning and maintenance.

We agreed to go back and thank the donor for the kind offer, but refuse.




Future activities

Nothing significant to report at this stage. 



Review of Association’s Constitution

We need to contact Tony (ex-secretary) to see what work has been done on this so far before we take it further.  Tony had previously highlighted areas that require attention. 

To move this forward, a small working-group of the committee will look at this:  KG, Martin Barrett (MB) (to chair).  Check if Frank and Joanne are interested in joining the group.   The aim is to have a revised constitution ready for the AGM later in the year.








The pool table had been donated to the village hall many years ago, however, it is never used.  We will offer it to the Blair Centre in Dalbeattie in the hope it can be better utilised in a youth centre.  KG to speak with Billy Smith to find out whom to speak with and pass details to DJ.

We have been approached by Ian Peat, whose sons are in a group called Challenge Scotland; they meet at different venues to play games.  They wondered if we could offer the village hall for around 90 minutes per month. 

We agreed that, in keeping with other charitable events, we would offer the hall free of charge to support the group.

Alan Dingle (AD) will confirm that we will not charge and come back to DJ to agree suitable time slots.









Meeting closed 8:38pm.     Next meeting: 21 May 2018, 7pm