1.Attendance: David McCall , Joanne Harris, Frank Williamson, Tony Hartnell, Alan Dingle, Kate Howatson, Davie Stitt, David Jamieson, Pat Findlay, Douglas Waddell, Lisa Waddell

2. Apologies: Richard Copson, Ian Blake, Ann Robertson

3. Minutes of the Meeting on 27th  February 2017: Agreed

Proposed: Tony Hartnell               Seconded: Alan Dingle

4. Matters Arising:

Confirmation that Scottish Power delivered their information sheet and the Kippford Association News sheet to most residents in the village.

5. Treasurers Report as at 27/03/2017


The reminder notice generated £550 from ten residents, making £1,585 so far this year from 40 folk (average £40). This is £180 down on last year from 57 people (average £31).



We received £90 half-year rent for each of Yoga, Yogalates and Thai Chi.


Hall Hire:

None received.



None to speak of.


Car Park Contributions:

The warmer weather has increased takings to just over £100 this month.


The Kipp Donations:

No further donations.


Other Income:

The electricity meter contributed £260.



We paid Small Print for the newsletter, Scottish Power and the cleaner. In addition, we paid Murray Direct for cleaning materials and are about to open an account with them as our Dalbeattie supplier has closed down.



Cash Book Balance:

General funds are now approximately £27,800 and there is also approx. £4,500 earmarked for The Kipp.


The Kipp Group

The Land Court meeting in Edinburgh went well however it was only a hearing prior to the case being presented on April 5th, followed by the Sheriff Court Appeal on April 20th. So, hopefully, we will be able to release some good news next month.

Douglas Waddell.


6. Hall Manager’s report: March 2017

Actions from previous meeting


The thermostat has been replaced on the water boiler in the kitchen, however the machine is still faulty and continues to over boil.  The engineer suggested it would be costly to investigate and repair further, given its age.  We are therefore seeking quotes for a new machine.

The tree at the far end of the car park has been re-supported, however it will probably be a short-term fix.  David J has contacted someone to review digging the tree up and replanting as the soil around the tree has eroded.

A resident reported concerns about the flag pole in the car park during a windy day.  David J and Tony both checked.  It was felt there was no immediate risk -- the bolts will be tightened and a new hinge bolt inserted.

The heart pads in the defibrillator have been replaced at a cost of £42+VAT.  These had reached end of life.  We have registered the device with the Scottish Ambulance Service, who were running a campaign to catalogue all Public Access Defibrillator (PADs).  Members of the public can then be advised of their nearest device in the event of an emergency.

New Toilet seat fitted in Ladies toilets


Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)

Tony completed the hand over to David J. Some subtle changes have been made.  We have also setup an online mailing system to allow residents to subscribe to email newsletters.  The first email will go out with details of the Village Dinner.  David has a list of 91 email addresses so far.


Hall Bookings

New confirmed bookings:

  • 10/11 June for Sailability
  • 1 Sept – The Fever in Concert


Provisional – 2 July, RNLI Fundraising

Up and coming Hall events:

  • 4th May, Local elections
  • 6th May, Village dinner


7. Community Resilience Local Plan. There are only two people listed as contacts for the Community Response Team in the Kippford/Barnbarroch section. This is low compared to other areas.


  1. David McC to invite Julian Stanning to our next meeting.
  2. David J to look into whether we need to have a designated Data Controller
  3. Joanne and David McC to volunteer to be contacts for CRT
  4. Frank to obtain Merse Way contacts & give to David J


8. Notice board in the Bus shelter:

Possibly still out of stock. Richard to follow up.


9. Future Activities:

a) Date for Spring walk:

 Edingham Military site.New date suggested – Saturday 13th May 2017 . Kate to confirm with Matthew Taylor. If suitable, meet in the Village Hall car park at 10.00 am. Dogs permitted and the walk will take about an hour and a half. Participants need to be able to walk on rough ground. Date is now CONFIRMED. Meet Matthew at Edingham Industrial Esate about 10.15 am.

b) Village Dinner 6th May 2017:

An email has been sent to residents about the meal. 31 tickets sold so far.

Caterer to apply for drinks licence.

David McC to make the tickets



c)  Boules Night for Kippford residents and guests: Change of date to Saturday 24th June 2017 at 6 pm.

David J to obtain the drinks licence.

d) Dog Show: 19th August 2017.

Alan to put the banner up advertising the Dog Show near Dalbeattie during the Easter holidays only and then take it down until nearer the event.

10. AOCB

i) Kings Grange Choir: Douglas has emailed Carolyn Kennedy to ask if the choir will perform at Christmas again in the Village Hall. Await a response from Carolyn.

ii) Drain cover/manhole near the Kippford sign has water coming out of it. Davie Stitt to report it.


DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: 24th April  2017 at 7 pm in the Village Hall