1.Attendance: David McCall ,  Frank Williamson,  David Jamieson,  Douglas Waddell, Lisa Waddell, Ann Robertson, Kate Howatson, Pat Findlay, Richard Copson, Alan Dingle

2. Apologies: Ian Blake, Tony Hartnell, Joanne Harris, Davie Stitt,

3. Minutes of the Meeting on 22nd May 2017: The Kippford Association –

Proposed -   Ann Robertson            Seconded – Frank Williamson

4. Matters Arising:

a) Book re-cycling suggestion: Although the Committee agreed at the last meeting not to go ahead with the book re-cycling scheme a further proposal was made that the re-cycling scheme should go ahead and any profit made could be shared between the Kippford Association and the RNLI.

The Committee considered the new proposal but felt that there could potentially be a lot of work and maintenance for only a little gain. It was agreed to support the RNLI re-cycling scheme and not have any books outside the Village Hall.

ACTION: David McC to write to Margaret P-C

b) Wine & Cheese:Joanne has been in contact with Cows & Co and they are happy to support the event. Joanne needs to contact them again nearer the time.

5. Treasurers Report as at 23/06/17


None received.



None received.


Hall Hire:

None received.



A couple of private events took place during the month.


Car Park Contributions:

£317 banked this month, making a total, so far this year, of £1,340.


The Kipp Donations:

One donation of US$1,000 (£765.41) received.


Other Income:

We received £75 sub-station rent from Scottish Power.

A very enjoyable Boules evening raised £69. Thank you to Pat for organising the event.Maybe next time it should take place in the winter months and we should sell tickets in advance?



We paid out £130 for a replacement defibrillator battery and the usual electricity and cleaning bills.


Cash Book Balance:

General funds are now approximately £27,800 and there is also approx. £5,300 earmarked for The Kipp.


The Kipp Group


Mr Richardson continues to cling on to the land and will not go quietly. We await action from the Sheriff’s officers.


Douglas Waddell.


6. Hall Manager’s report: June 2017


The Sailability event (10/11 June) was cancelled due to strong winds.  The Yacht club did however continue with their use of the hall for entertainment. Everyone appears to have had an enjoyable time despite no sailing.  The club hope to support the initiative again next year.

We received a note of gratitude from the club via email for our support in providing the Hall, and also a copy of their press release (attached)


David J asked who had a set of keys for the Village Hall. Seem to be a number of sets of keys around and this could potentially compromise the Hall security.

ACTION: David J to compile a list of key holders and to discuss at the next meeting.


The down pipe from the guttering at the front door fell off and we refitted.

Clock in the main hall is not working.

ACTION: David to investigate

The defibrillator was indicating that the battery needed replaced.  A new one was ordered and a notice put in the defib. cabinet to that effect -- reassuring anyone that the machine will continue to operate.  The new battery has now been fitted.  Cost £128.40.  It should last four years.

Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)


Photos of the recent Spring walk added to the website.


Hall Bookings

New bookings:

                  20th August - private function (provisional)

                  24th March 2018 – Private function

Up and coming Hall events:

  • 2nd July RNLI fundraiser lunch
  • 4th -> 12 August, the Kippford Painters Exhibition
  • 19th August, Dog Show
  • 1st September, The Fever in Concert



7. Plot 1 Waterside Development

David McC was approached by Kevin Gibson to ask if we would consider a business arrangement with him involving the Kippford Association running a shop & possibly a café on the site of Plot 1 of the Waterside development.

The Committee considered the implications of this and agreed that it was not a viable option.

ACTION: David McC to write to Kevin informing him of the decision

8. Notice board in the Bus shelter (carried forward)

Derek Hutchinson has ordered the notice boards & they should be arriving soon.

ACTION: Members of the Committee will put the boards in the Bus Shelter.

ACTION: Kate to write to Derek to thank him.


9. Future Activities:

a) Dog Show: 19th August 2107: Lisa to be the catering co-ordinator with support from Joanne, Ali, Katie, Mary and others.

Have dog minders again and disposable cups for outdoor use.

In case of bad weather the event will be cancelled.

ACTION: Alan to bring all the paperwork to the next meeting and plans will be finalised.

b) Wine Tasting event: Provisionally 4th November 2017.

Wine tasting to be led by Alan, Douglas, Frank & Tony W.

David J to provide cheese & oatcakes.

c) Carol Concert: Friday 15th December 2017.

d) AGM: Monday 27th November 2017


10. AOCB

i) Alan suggested information boards at strategic locations around the village could be of interest to visitors and would be a way of sharing Kippford’s rich and varied past. Also discussed the possibility of putting on the exhibition ‘Kippford now and then’ again.

ACTION: Douglas to speak to John Searle

ii) Missing teddy bear. Picture on the website & a poster in the Bus Shelter in case it is found.

It was found and has been reunited with its owner!


DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: 31st July 2017 at 7 pm

Kippford Sailability Scotland Regatta Blown Off


After months of planning, the first ever “Sailability” regatta for disabled sailors was arranged by Solway Yacht Club in Kippford. As the Clubhouse facilities weren’t entirely suitable, the Club was most grateful that the Kippford Association had made the fully accessible Village Hall available for the whole weekend, without which it couldn’t have happened at all.


Sailors from all over Scotland and many from England gathered on the pier on Friday, getting their specially designed “Challenger” Trimarans assembled and rigged, ready for the Regatta to start on the tide on Saturday. This is a very special fleet that includes sailors with varying degrees of disability, from those with learning difficulties to others who have major physical disabilities, boat controls all being adapted to make sailing possible. Many sail alone in their boats, others have “Buddies” aboard to guide and assist the disabled skipper.


Much as forecast, Saturday dawned wet and windy as the sailors prepared for pre-race briefing by Event Principal, Peter Hammond. Border TV arrived, crews dressed in their heavy weather gear and the Club’s Cadet “Shore Fforce” eagerly awaited their assistance role. As launching time approached, Principal Race Officer, Chris Nurney had little option in the strong wind other than hoist the Postponement Flag, hoping it would ease. Rule One in most sailing is; “It must be safe to launch, sail and recover” and all three apply. Despite the one-hour postponement, the wind showed no sign of abating and so with much reluctance the “Sailing Abandoned for the Day” flag replaced the postponement flag.


So back to the Village Hall for early lunch and the Club’s foul weather plan. Club Commodore, Ian Purkis put on a hastily arranged but well attended “Shackleton Centenary Voyage” presentation including the voyage to Antarctica that he and his wife Margaret had been on in 2014. Later, the evening social had the hall filled with visitors and members enjoying a great meal followed by the popular and very competitive boat-building game, using only balloons, paper, tape and not much else! Later, everyone dispersed hoping for more favourable conditions on Sunday.


No better! If anything the wind was even stronger and at 10:30 the PRO’s decision “All Sailing Abandoned” had an inevitability about it. Reports of a major mid Atlantic rescue of other sailors highlighted the risks. Despite this, the mood was still very positive and with our friendly Galloway News photographer Bobby Geddes, only left to take photos of boats being de-rigged and returned to their trailers, the event that never happened was packed away. Despite the disappointment, the weekend had been a great experience for all. The Club had proved to itself and others it could put on a major event for the disabled, the visitors, many first timers to Kippford, had seen what a beautiful area we have and were thrilled by the welcome, and not least many new friendships were made.


Plan is now to come back in 2018 and do it all again! For more information about Sailability Scotland SCIO please visit www. sailabilityscotland.org.uk