1.Attendance: David McCall , Lisa Waddell, Ann Robertson, Kate Howatson, Richard Copson, Tony Hartnell, Joanne Harris,Alan Dingle

2. Apologies: David Jamieson, Douglas Waddell, Ian Blake, Frank Williamson , Pat Findlay, Davie Stitt


3. Minutes of the Meeting on 26th June 2017:

Proposed -   Alan Dingle            Seconded – Richard Copson


4. Matters Arising:

The Kipp: The cattle have been removed with the exception of one bullock. Mr Richardson signed a note to say that he will be off the land by 5 pm on Tuesday 1st August 2017.

The need to raise funds to purchase the land is now a matter of urgency.

ACTION: The Kipp Ltd will write formally to the Kippford Association stating that the land is now clear.

ACTION: A letter will be sent and email communication from the Kippford Association to all residents asking them to donate towards the purchase of the Kipp.

ACTION: David J to be asked to set up a Just Giving page if possible.


5. Treasurers Report as at 29/07/17


Three donations totalling £190 received during the month, taking the total YTD to £2,495 from 60 people. This compares favourably with last year’s total of £2,280 from 58 people at this time.


We received £243 from the Badminton Club.

Hall Hire:

None received.


The Boules evening was very enjoyable but relatively poorly attended. Thanks to Pat and John Findlay, we raised £69.

Car Park Contributions:

£244 banked this month, making a total, so far this year, of £1,585.

The Kipp Donations:

None received.

Other Income:

None received.


We paid the usual electricity and cleaning bills and also paid the window cleaner.

Cash Book Balance:

General funds are now approximately £28,300 and there is also approx. £5,300 earmarked for The Kipp.


The Kipp Group

Some very well-dressed men tried to take medical samples from Richardson’s cattle but the cows fled over the walls up into the caravan site and into the woods. A couple of days ago, it looked as though Mr. Richardson was preparing to take the cattle off the fields but I cannot confirm that.

Douglas Waddell.


6. Hall Manager’s report: July 2017


The 2nd July RNLI fundraiser lunch was cancelled and has been rescheduled.  They wished to hold a new event in early August however the hall is busy.  They will use the RNLI facilities and I have agreed they could borrow our large tea urn (6th August).


There are a number of external landscaping and tidying up tasks to be completed.  I have compiled a list of these, some of which I will get costs for.  Most of the tasks we can tackle with a few of us, or by myself in the coming weeks.  We need to get the car park treated for weeds, which might need the area to be closed off for a few hours while the weed killer dries.

We need to get a window cleaner to do the internal & external glass.  I will speak with Tony re this.

Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)

A page about the Kippford Painters has been added to the website, along with promotions on our Facebook page.

Hall Bookings

New bookings:

  • 24th October – RNLI Coffee morning

Up and coming Hall events:

  • 4th -> 12 August, the Kippford Painters Exhibition
  • 19th August, Dog Show
  • 1st September, The Fever in Concert



7. Asabay - abandoned boat on the waterfront: The Council has removed most of the rubbish that had been dumped on the foreshore from the boat. Boat looks unsightly.

ACTION: Association to seek advice from Ian and Davie about what can be done to remove the boat.

8. Notice boards in the Bus shelter: These have now arrived. Issue of key holders has yet to be resolved.

ACTION: Alan & Richard to fix the boards to the bus shelter wall.

ACTION: Kate to write to Derek.


9. Scottish Power: Following on from the recent power cuts an email could be circulated round the Village residents advising what should be done in the event of any further power cuts, particularly for elderly and vulnerable residents.

ACTION: David J to send an email & possibly put something on the website about dialling 105 and also to remind residents about the work that Scotttish Power will be doing in the Viallage in the Autumn.


10. External maintenance of the Village Hall

The Committee members expressed their gratitude to Bill Ford for highlighting the issues with external maintenance of the Hall.

ACTION: Alan and Richard to do a schedule of works and then ask for volunteers to help with the work.


11. Future Activities:

  1. Dog Show: 19th August 2017.

Alan shared the paperwork that he has prepared for the Show. Lisa has the baking in hand. David Mc to log the entry forms and Douglas the entry money. £2 entry fee per class. Sponsors have been extremely supportive and the Association is very grateful for their interest in the event.

      b) Wine Tasting: 4th November 2017. Joanne & David J to liaise re cheese

      c) Carol Concert: 15th December 2017. ACTION: David Mc to print tickets nearer the time.




12. AOCB

a) Broadband speed. There is a web address that people can use to check their own Broadband speed. Simon Pain from the Community Council is trying to collate the information from residents in the area.

Web addresses to check broadband speed are:



If people want to let Simon Pain know their boadband speed he can be contacted on


b) Dogs in the village – need for them to be kept under control around the roads and near other dogs.


DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING:   Monday 11th September 2017 at 7 pm