Attendance: David McCall (Chair), Alan Dingle (Dep Chair), Douglas Waddell (Treasurer), David Jamieson (Hall Manager), Tony Warne (Secretary), Martin Barret, Val Bradbury, Richard Copson, Kevin Gibson, Tony Hartnell, Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Davie Stitt.  

Apologies: Frank Williamson






Committee Chairs Opening Remarks


David McCall (DM) welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2018 and provided an opportunity for committee members to introduce themselves. He thanked the outgoing committee members for their contributions and support and in particular Kate Howatson for undertaking the role of Secretary.



Minutes of Previous Committee Meeting (30th Oct 2017)


These were minutes of the last Committee Meeting, DM acknowledged that there had been an AGM held on 27th Nov 2017. The minutes were accepted as a true record.

Joanne Harris (JH) proposed the motion; David Jamieson (DJ) seconded it.


Matters Arising


There were no matters arising that were not on the agenda.



Appointment of Secretary


Tony Warne (TW) had indicated at the AGM that he would be willing to act as Committee Secretary – and this appointment was confirmed. Other committee roles were confirmed and contact details of the officers can be found on the Kippford Association website:



Treasurers Report


Douglas Waddell (DW) had circulated his year to date report prior to the meeting, and this had generated two questions from Val Bradbury (VB) regarding: possible increase in electric meter charges – DJ confirmed these had not been changed and the 2017 tariff still applied; should we consider a differential charge for room hire for events where attendance was predominately of people outside the Kippford area. It was resolved that the Village Hall was a community asset and the room hire fees should remain the same for those regular community clubs wishing to use the hall. DW listed those clubs who had already paid full and half-year rents.


It was noted that the number of donations to the Kippford Association received to date stood at 30, up on the same period in 2017 (20). The average donation was £40.


The income and expenditure from a number of successful events, the car park, hire of the hall and notice board were noted.


Donations to the Kipp Fund had been sufficient to purchase the land for £52,140 plus the legal costs of £1,016. A small increase to the Kipfford Associations insurance premiums had been paid to reflect the additional liabilities arising from the purchase and ownership of the Kipp.  DM expressed his thanks to all those involved in securing the funds.


Four new signatories were required for the bank account. DM; Richard Copson (RC); DJ; and Alan Dingle (AD) were proposed. It was resolved that the authorised signatories in the current mandate, for the accounts in section 2, be changed in accordance with section 5, and DM, RC, DJ, and AD names be added).


General funds stood at approximately £32,508, with £1,812 of which identified for The Kipp expenditure.





















DW, DM to sign off bank mandate


Update from Kipp Group


AD provided a verbal report. The Kipp Ltd had now been dissolved, with the Kipp now belonging to the Kippford Association. 75 households had made donations to raise the purchase funds. A number of meetings had been held with various groups and organisations, some of which might form the basis of future partnership arrangements. The Kipp Group had met once, and the meeting recorded. It was requested that these minutes be made available to the Committee.


There was some discussion over the current governance arrangements for the Kipp Group. It was established that it was sub group of the Kippford Committee, with delegated authority to develop the Kipp. TW asked if there were Terms of Reference in place for the group – other than the broad objective of developing the Kipp, there are no ToR. Whilst assurance was given that the Kipp Group would bring back to the full committee any major decisions that might need to be considered, it was felt that ToR might be helpful in shaping the work of the Kipp Group and provide a benchmark for assessing progress, involving others and communicating plans.


It was clear that a great deal of basic work was required, foremost of which was the need for a detailed land survey (including a topographic survey and flora fauna assessment) to be undertaken.


Kevin Gibson (KG) asked that we consider changing the wording on the website which appeared to suggest that those people who had made a donation would be consulted first over ideas to develop the Kipp. It was confirmed that this was an unintentional suggestion caused by poor wording. It was agreed to change the wording to reflect that the Kipp was a community asset and its future development was something all residents could be involved in.  It is envisaged that a Special General Meeting of the Association would be held in early Spring, at which the emergent ideas for the Kipp would be presented




AD to provide minutes to DJ for circulation.






TW and AD to discuss





AD and RC to follow up



DJ to amend website


Hall Managers Report


DJ had circulated his report prior to the meeting. The Committee focused attention on the maintenance issues, which involved both water ingress and electrical problems. An assessment of the water ingress problem had been undertaken and remedial measures agreed. KG agreed to get his electrician to look at the electrical problems.


It was confirmed that ‘Sailability’ would be offered the use of the hall free of charge again this year. A number of requests to use the hall had been received. These included a request to facilitate a large wedding reception in September. The scale and challenge of this event was discussed and it was resolved that DJ continue to discuss the practicalities and cost involved with the parties concerned.



KG and DJ to follow up




DJ to follow up


Pizza Van


A request had been received for permission to use the Village Hall car park as a monthly location for a pizza van food outlet. Following discussion of this request it was resolved that there were too many conflicts of interest to grant permission. Agreed that in the feedback to the vendor it is suggested they approach the Golf Club.



JH to provide feedback


Future Activities


A number of events were discussed and provisional dates agreed:

Village Dinner – 12th May (to be held in the Hall)

Dog Show – TBC

Village Art Show – TBC

Boules Night – 15th Sept

Wine Tasting – 10th Nov

Carol Concert – 14th Dec


An inaugural annual open day for the Kipp was suggested – ‘Kippinic’ – at which Kippford residents (and others) could bring a picnic to the Kipp and take part in guided tours, hear what progress had been made and contribute to the planning of the Kipp’s future. This event might also be combined with a Sports/Fun Day in the future. A tentative date of 23rd June was agreed. 


More ideas for future activities were welcomed, and suggestions can be sent to DJ, and TW.




JH to scope caters




Constitution Up-date


A recent review of the Kippford Association Constitution had revealed that it might not be fit for purpose due to wording that could now be misconstrued if decontextualized. Whilst the essence of what the constitution sets out as its ambitions remain the same, it was agreed that the terminology used might be usefully revised.



DM and TW to provide a revised form of words for next meeting


Hall Decoration


This item was postponed until the February meeting



Future Meeting Dates


It was agreed that the Committee will meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7pm in the Village Hall. The dates for the meetings are:

19th Feb                                  20th Aug

19th March                             17th Sept

16th April                                15th Oct

21st May                                 19th Nov

18th June                                17th Dec

16th July                                  21st Jan 2019





A response had been received from the local MP regarding the provision of broad band services to the village – this to be posted on the website



DJ to post on website