1 .Attendance: Ann Robertson,Douglas Waddell, Lisa Waddell,  Joanne Harris, Richard Copson, Tony Hartnell, Alan Dingle, Kate Howatson, Davie Stitt, Ian Blake,David Jamieson

2. Apologies: David McCall, Pat Findlay, Frank Williamson

3. Minutes of the Meeting on 28th November 2016: Agreed

Proposed -  Tony Hartnell      Seconded – Lisa Waddell

4. Matters Arising: None

5. Treasurers Report:


So far this year, we have received £740 from 23 residents - £1,000 down on this time last year, by which time we had raised £1,780 from 49 residents. The average has dropped from £36 to £32. I believe we should put out a reminder as to who has paid in the next newsletter.

Kippford Association bank details to be put on the website for anyone who wishes to donate via BACS.

Details are: Kippford Association


Sort code 83-17-24

Account Number 00162955

Anyone donating this way should include their name as reference.

A reminder of what the money is used for should be put on the website & in the forthcoming newsletter, plus the bank details. Douglas & David to action.  Also need gift aid declaration forms available to be signed.


We received a year’s rent (£180) from the Bowling Club and the Bridge Club.

Hall Hire:

£47.50 received from SYC which is sharing a day’s hire with the RNLI next weekend.


The concert given by the King’s Grange Singers was  hugely enjoyable. It was also a good fundraiser; the ticket sales were £480 and drinks donations amounted to £54. From the proceeds, we donated £75 to the choir and the drinks were very kindly donated by Margaret Poynor Clark, so we netted over £450. Thank you Carolyn Kennedy!

ACTION: Douglas to speak to Carolyn to see if this can become an annual village event.


Although not an official KippAss event, the Hogmanay Party was a great success (apart from the fireworks) and the organizing committee has paid a donation of £309, which is last year’s surplus, instead of paying a rent this year.

New Year’s Day was reasonably well attended and drinks contributions raised more than £150 after the costs. This amount was inflated due to Kipparty surplus drinks being used – thanks again Joanne.

Car Park Contributions:

As expected, car park donations have slowed; we have received just under £60 since the last meeting.

The Kipp Donations:

No further donations.

Other Income:

The electricity meter contributed just over £170. We received £10 for outside notices on the board.


Martin Loughran was paid £192 for work he did a year ago. Hall bulbs were replaced at a cost of £40. Great Value Websites were paid £60 for updates to our site. Monica Callendar, our cleaner and Scottish Power were paid as usual.


I submitted the accounts and annual report for 2015/16 to OSCR.

Cash Book Balance:

Our funds are now almost £28,000.

In addition we have £4,500 earmarked for The Kipp.


The Kipp Group


As we are still awaiting various legal issues to be resolved, Ken has very kindly extended his loan to the beginning of September 2017.


Douglas Waddell.


6. Hall Manager’s report:


Actions from previous Meeting


New lighting in the Hall


Provisional costs of suitable LED lighting units have been assessed and found to be expensive (minimum £180 per unit, ten required, total £1,800 excluding fitting costs and VAT). A cheap source of lamps for the existing lighting units has been found. In view of the high cost for new lighting, it is recommended that we continue with the existing hall lighting until the lamps are no longer available or their costs become excessive.


9 (i)

Leaning tree at the south of the car park.


The tree has had a new strengthening post added, although the binding has already broken owing to high winds. This will be strengthend again.



Additional notes

Part of the surface of the Hall car park has been repaired with more granite chippings and the potholes filled in.  Work completed on 15 December 2016


RDL Meters Limited have been contacted for details on what is require to change the hall’s coin operated heating meter to accommodate the introduction of the new pound coin from 28th March 2017


Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)


There is nothing significant to report this month.

Hall Bookings

New bookings:

  • 28th January 2017, RNLI Soup & Sandwich fund raiser. (9am-2pm).  Committee agreed to gift the hall rental to the RNLI for this event.
  • 28th January 2017, Solway Yacht Club (2pm-7pm).
  • 4th  May 2017, Local Elections (6:30am-10:30pm). Douglas will send a bill to the relevant agency.
  • 24th  March 2018 – Private Function


Imminent Hall events:

  • 28th January 2017, RNLI Soup & Sandwich fund raiser. (9am-2pm). 
  • 28th January 2017, Solway Yacht Club (2pm-7pm).
  • 10th February 2017, The Fever Group (3pm-midnight)


7. Maps, 999 calls & house signs.

A discussion took place regarding the maps that the emergency services use to locate properties in the village in the event of an emergency.

The First Responder team are a voluntary organisation and were first on the scene following a recent emergency in the village. They have offered to talk to the Committee about their work and what we all can do to enable them to locate our houses quickly. Reflective strips around house signs or some illumination would help emergency services to find houses in the dark.

Committee agreed to make a donation of £500.00 to the First Responder Team. Ann to pass the relevant contact information on to Douglas.

Suggested that Amanda from the First Responders would be a good person to talk at the AGM later this year.

Agreed to discuss house signage at junctions at the next meeting.


8. Future Activities and Meetings:

a) Village Dinner: Joanne suggested that the Annual Dinner could be held in the Village Hall this year. Suggested date Saturday 6th May 2017. Joanne has identified a caterer and will discuss the details with her. Item to be discussed again at the next meeting.

b) Spring walk: Kate to contact Margaret Poynor–Clark re her contact at Edingham for the Spring walk.

c) Boules Evening – possibly one Saturday in June. Pat to identify a date.

d) Kippford Painters – hall booked from 4th to 12th August 2017.

e) Dog Show – Provisional date 19th August 2017

f) Kippford Association Committee meetings

Monday 27th February 2017 at 7.00 pm (Need to discuss/finalise the Newsletter)

Monday 27th March 2017 at 7.00 pm

Monday 24th April 2017 at 7.00 pm

Monday 22nd May at 7.00 pm

Monday 26th June at 7.00 pm

Monday 31st July at 7.00 pm


1) Street lights not working. Three in total. Ian and Davie to notify relevant agency. There is an App that can be used to alert the Council if street lights are out.

2) Locked notice board for the bus shelter. Kate to ask Margaret P-C if she spoke to Derek Hutchinson about this.

3) Drains have all been cleaned out. Yellow splodge on them means they are flowing freely, red splodge indicates a blockage.

4) Tony and David to set up a Kippford Association Committee group email.

5) David does the Kippford Facebook page and also the Twitter feed.


DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 27th February 2017 at 7.00 pm in the Village Hall