Attendance: David McCall (Chair), Alan Dingle (Dep Chair), Tony Warne (Secretary), Martin Barrett, Val Bradbury, Richard Copson, Kevin Gibson, Joanne Harris, Robert Kennedy, Mike Riding, Davie Stitt.  

Apologies: Ian Blake, David Jamieson (Hall Manager), Douglas Waddell (Treasurer), Frank Williamson






Committee Chairs Opening Remarks


David McCall (DM) welcomed everyone to the meeting.  



Minutes of Previous Committee Meeting (15th January 2018)


The minutes of the last Committee Meeting, minutes were accepted as a true record.



Matters Arising


There were no matters arising that were not on the agenda.



Treasurers Report


Douglas Waddell (DW) had circulated his year to date report prior to the meeting.


It was noted that the number of donations to the Kippford Association received to date stood at 31, with the average donation was £40.


The income from the car park, and minor expenditure for Fire Protection Testing, repairs to damp intrusion and a donation to the Kings Grange Singers were noted.


General funds stood at approximately £32,450. A further 24 donations to the Kipp Fund amounting to £9,436.84 had been received. This had increased the current surplus (following the purchase of the land), to £2,875.


The Kippford Association Constitution clearly states that all funds donated to the Association should be paid into the Association bank account. Tony Warne (TW) posed the question as to whether having ‘ear marked’ funding for ‘The Kipp’ might cause conflict with this requirement. It was noted that all donations do go into the single bank account. Considerable discussion ensued. This discussion acknowledged a number of issues: the historical accumulation of the current healthy bank balance; some residents’ objection to ‘The Kipp’ purchase; a perceived reduction in fund raising activities over the last few years; and the lack of a costed set of proposals for future expenditure for all the Association’s community assets.  Following this robust discussion, it was resolved that:


  • All donations to the Association are there to fund the ambitions set out in the Association’s Constitution. To be clear – there is only one pot of money.
  • All future planned financial expenditure would continue to need the approval of the Association Committee.  
  • Any major planned financial expenditure would require the approval of the wider body of the Association. (for example, in the case of ‘The Kipp’ development, options for financial expenditure would be need to be set against a range of costed options/plans).   


























Update from the Kipp Group


Alan Dingle (AD) provided a verbal up-date report - Martin Barret (MB) reminded the meeting that we had still not received the minutes from ‘The Kipp’ group meetings. There was much progress to report!


A Mission Statement was being developed that would form the consistent foundation to future communications, grant applications and progress monitoring. AD asked that feedback be provided to him within the week to ensure current application discussions continue.


An Environmental Economist (Wendy Fenton) had been engaged. As well as assistance on identifying and completing grant applications, she was also undertaking the mapping of the land.


Letters informing our local MPs and SMPs of the Kipp and the intention of developing this as a community asset have been sent. Simon Payne (Colvend and Southwick Community Council) and Kimberly Phillips (D&G Council) have been contacted both for information on the non-matched and matched funded discretionary grants that may be available and from whom to seek letters of support that might be used in any grant applications. A number of other organisations have been identified for future conversations, including: South West Environmental Action Trust; The Robertson Trust; Health and Well-Being Services; Scottish Natural Heritage.


A provisional working name for ‘The Kipp’ was proposed – The Kippford Community Nature Reserve. The Committee agreed that this name reflected the ambitions in the Constitution, and the commitment demonstrated by many Kippford residents to acquire and develop the Kipp. An open meeting has been planned for the 7th April. This meeting provides the opportunity for Kippford residents to hear first-hand what has been done to initially secure the land, what plans for the development are begin to emerge and of course, how everyone can become involved in developing these ideas for the future. All interested parties are invited to come along to the Village Hall on the 7th and find out more, ask questions and show their support!   


The Chair acknowledged the work of the Kipp Group in making great progress to date, and in particular the leadership of AD, Richard Copson (RC) and Mike Riding (MR) in developing the relationships with so many organisations.


TW had agreed to provide the Committee with an exemplar of Terms of Reference for The Kipp’ Group. The exemplar was tabled and there were some reservations about over formalising the approach. TW reminded the Committee as a registered charity we are subject to scrutiny from the Charities Commission and we need to be able to demonstrate good Governance. Joanne Harris (JH) confirmed that in most areas of public service, including her work in education, such approaches were the norm. Members were asked to send comments to TW and the ToR would be discussed at the March meeting.



AD to provide minutes to DJ for circulation.



All Committee to feedback to AD


















DJ to place notice on Website








Committee to provide feedback to TW


Hall Managers Report


David Jameson (DJ) was unable to attend the meeting and his report was tabled. It was reported that negotiations with the parties involved in the proposed wedding hire for September were ongoing, but no details other than that the parties had agreed to address the issues raised by the Committee. In the discussion that followed Kevin Gibson (KG) wanted to understand where these discussions had got to and until that was possible, wanted to register his objection to the proposal, particularly the closure of the car park and the possible setting of a precedent.  


A number of maintenance issues were noted, as were the recent bookings for the hall.


The Committee couldn’t progress the Hall décor requirements in DJ absence. DJ to be asked to provide an option appraisal of what was required, to include decoration, curtains and hall lighting.



DJ to provide an update at the next meeting








TW to discuss with DJ


Future Activities


The following events had now had confirmed dates:

Kippford Artists – 28th July – 4th August (preview 27th July)

Dog Show – 11th August 2018

Potential caterers for the Annual Dinner are still being assessed







JH to confirm


Constitution Up-date


TW provided the Committee with an annotated version of the current Kippford Association Constitution that is the starting point in reviewing the Constitution’s appropriateness.


Committee to provide feedback to TW


Sea Front Litter


The Committee acknowledged and wishes to thank the Kippford Yacht Club volunteers for their work in clearing the Winter tide- borne litter from the front last week.


JH asked that we approach a contractor to clear the sea dyke kerb side, of weeds asap. Agreed to approach a local contractor.







KG to arrange




The Committee will consider how best to improve the communication channels, so that more residents can be kept up-to-date with news, opportunities to contribute time and expertise to ‘The Kipp’, and receive news of forthcoming events and activities. Whilst it was recognised that the Association website is a central repository, there are no links to social media accounts, and some of the information needs updating. KG knows of other residents who would like to work with DJ (Web Master) in improving the content.   


KG to pass names and contact detail of interested parties




A communication had been received from OSCR (The Scottish Charity Regulator) setting out Associations responsibility for safeguarding vulnerable people, and what constitutes a notifiable event. The Committee acknowledge their responsibilities in these areas. A full copy of the OSCR advice is available from TW.


An email had been received from a regular visitor to Kippford noting one of the ball finials was missing from bus shelter. He wanted to contribute to its replacement.


An email had been received from a local resident raising questions on the content of the previous meeting’s minutes. The main issues raised were discussed and a response will be sent that will reflect these discussions.


The lack of progress on un-blocking the road drains in and around the village was raised. Davie Stitt (DS) agreed to take this back to the Council.


The missing coping stones on the sea wall still require replacing. KG kindly agreed to get this sorted using his contractors.









TW to respond


TW to respond




DS to respond




KG to arrange


Next Meeting Date


19th March  2018 – 19.00 in the Village Hall