​1.Attendance: David McCall ,Ann Robertson, Joanne Harris, Frank Williamson, Tony Hartnell, Alan Dingle, Kate Howatson, Davie Stitt, David Jamieson, Pat Findlay, Douglas Waddell, Ian Blake

2. Apologies: Richard Copson, Lisa Waddell

3. Kenny Hope and Tom McLennan Scottish Power

Kenny and Tom explained that Scottish Power are going to be replacing the rotten and decayed electricity poles with new ones and the multi strands of wires will be replaced with one single insulated wire. It is envisaged that the work will take approximately two months to complete. There may be difficulties accessing some poles in the village and access to some properties will need to be gained.

Scottish Power will speak to local businesses about arrangements to keep the businesses operational during power outages. The more engagement that takes place with the community before the work starts , the better.


  1. An Open/Drop-in event to be organised, provisionally on 19th April from 2-7 pm in the Village Hall. Details will be on the website and in the Newsletter. Representatives from Scottish Power will be available on this day to talk to residents about the proposed work & timescales etc.
  2. Ann to email Kenny to arrange to combine the Kippford Association newsletter with information from Scottish Power.
  3. Maps can be provided by Scottish Power to put on the website

4. Minutes of the Meeting on 23rd January 2017:

Proposed – Joanne Harris           Seconded – Tony Hartnell           

5. Matters Arising: House signage at junctions

Recent events were discussed when there had been difficulty locating a property by the emergency services.

Agreed to include a short item in the Newsletter asking home owners to make house signage visible,  clear and illuminated.

6. Treasurers Report:


During the month, we received seven donations totaling £295. So far this year, we have gathered £1,035 from 30 residents - over £900 down on this time last year from 23 less people. The average has dropped from £37 to £35. I have prepared a reminder as to who has paid for the next newsletter.


Rent: None received.

Hall Hire: None received.

Events: I believe both the RNLI lunch and the SYC prize-giving party were successful.

Car Park Contributions: This month, we received just over £66.

The Kipp Donations: No further donations.

Other Income: The electricity meter contributed £100.


We paid PRS for Music £114 for our annual music license, Colin Dempster & Sons £570 for repairs to the car park, the annual hosting fee to Great Value Websites and £120 to Scottish Power. In addition, I paid the £500 donation (as agreed at our last meeting) to Dalbeattie Community First Responders and received a very appreciative note back from them.

Cash Book Balance:

General funds are now approximately £26,900 and there is also approx. £4,500 earmarked for The Kipp.

The Kipp Group

No news as we are still awaiting various legal issues to be resolved.


7. Hall Manager’s report: February 2017

Actions from previous meeting

RDL Meters have confirmed there is no change required to our current coin operated heating system in the hall.  It will accept the new £1 coin when it comes in to circulation in March.


The Water boiler in the kitchen was reported faulty on 2nd February. It appeared to be over boiling. David J placed an appropriate note on the boiler requesting that it not be used until repaired.  The tea urn was cleaned, descaled and tested.  Again, a note on how to use it was left for those who require more than a kettle or two of boiling water.

David J contacted three different companies to effect a repair.  Finally, someone attended on 21 February.  A part has been ordered and will hopefully be fitted in a few days.

Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)

There is nothing significant to report this month. Tony to complete a hand over to David in the coming week. 

Hall Bookings

New bookings:

Two enquiries

Provisional for 10/11 June

Future Hall events:

4th May, Local elections

6th May, Village dinner


8. Newsletter

Ann to produce an A4 sheet to include information on:

  1. Forthcoming events
  2. House signage
  3. Donations to the Kippford Association
  4. Scottish Power work


9. Notice board in the Bus shelter:

Richard has spoken to Derek Hutchinson who is going to get a price and then get back to us.


10. Sailability:

David J discussed the Sailability regatta taking place on 10th & 11th June 2017 in Kippford for disabled sailors. They have asked if they can use the Hall over that weekend including a social event on the Saturday evening.

It was agreed :

  1. To waive the Hall hire charge
  2. To try to block off some parking spaces for those involved
  3. David J to check if a licence will be required for Saturday evening.

11. Future Activities:

a) Date for Spring walk:

 Provisionally 20th May to walk round the Edingham Munitions area. Kate to contact Matthew Taylor to confirm details.

b) Village Dinner:

6th May 2017 at 7pm in the Village Hall– tickets £22.50 to include canapes , hot buffet and a selection of desserts. Tickets reserved by email or by phoning 033 00 01 07 01. David McC to produce the paper tickets.

c) Other activities-

Boules: Provisionally Friday 23rd June 2017 

Dog Show: 19th August 2017

10. AOCB

a) David McC had been asked if a representative from the Kippford Association Committee would be able to attend the Colvend Community Council meetings. David McC volunteered to attend & Alan would go if David were not available.

b) An outdoor telescope has been gifted and the Kippford Association was asked if we had a suitable location for it. It was felt that we couldn’t accommodate the telescope .

c) Street lights now working – thank you to Ian & Davie for following this up. Faulty streetlights & potholes can be reported via the Dumfries & Galloway Council website.


DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: 27th March 2017 at 7 pm