1.Attendance: David McCall , Joanne Harris, Frank Williamson, Tony Hartnell, Alan Dingle, David Jamieson, Pat Findlay, Douglas Waddell, Lisa Waddell, Richard Copson, Ian Blake, Ann Robertson

2. Apologies: Kate Howatson, Davie Stitt

David J is taking minutes in Kate’s absence.

3. Minutes of the Meeting on 27th March 2017: Agreed

Proposed: Alan Dingle               Seconded: Frank Williamson

4. Matters Arising:

Frank was unable to obtain permission from the Merse Way committee to share email addresses with the Association.  David J will contact John Withers directly and ask him to pass along our request to their group.

David M still to contact Julian Stanning but will endeavour to do so for the next meeting.

5. Treasurers Report as at 23.04.17


Another nine residents were jolted into contributing £470, making £2,055 ytd from 49 folk (average £42). This is £200 down on last year from 8 less people (average £39).



None received.


Hall Hire:

None received.



None to speak of.


Car Park Contributions:

None banked this month.


The Kipp Donations:

No further donations.


Other Income:

The electricity meter contributed £120.



We paid approx. £650 for hall insurance, £140 for water heater repairs, £50 for defibrillator servicing and our usual Scottish Power and cleaning bills.


Cash Book Balance:

General funds are now approximately £27,300 and there is also approx. £4,500 earmarked for The Kipp.


The Kipp Group


The Land Court case was heard on April 5th however no decision has been published. Consequently, the Sheriff Court Appeal scheduled for April 20th has been deferred for 3 weeks. Fingers crossed!

Douglas Waddell.



The recent reminder in the Village News sheet listing who had already donated had proved very useful in encouraging donations.

Regarding The Kipp: The Sherriff Court has the eviction from the land on hold pending the Land Court decision. 


6. Hall Manager’s report: April 2017


Quotes obtained for the new Water Boiler. To be discussed and agreed at monthly meeting

The tree at the far end of the car park has been removed as it was diseased and rotten.  It will be replaced in the Autumn with a flowering cherry tree.  Thanks to Alastair McLellan in dealing with this.

The Hall Cleaner will be on holiday three weeks throughout May.  David J will deal with cleaning during this time.


Website (www.kippfordvillage.org)

The property naming initiative on the website is going well.  45+ properties have been identified for the village map.

The village mailing list sits at 89 subscribers.  There have been two mailings outlining dates for the diary, and details of the village dinner.  Feedback about the emails has been positive.

Tom Millar has been in touch regarding promotion of the Kippford Painters event.  Tom and David J will work together on social media promotion and website content.

Hall Bookings

New confirmed bookings:

  • 3rd  June (afternoon), Private function
  • 8th  June, General election polling station
  • 17th June, Private function


Up and coming Hall events:

  • 4th May, Local elections
  • 6th May, Village dinner



It was agreed that David J would proceed with the purchase of a new water boiler. Costs will be in the region of £380 + VAT.  The fitting should be simple as we already have the plumbing and electric in place.  However, if required we will engage a local plumber.

The SP Energy ‘drop in’ session in the village hall on Wednesday 19th April saw a steady flow of residents during the day.  The team discussed the issues around replacing all the electrical cables in the village.  There will be a further meeting once SP Energy have a formal plan with dates


7. Data Protection Obligations

David J has been in contact with the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding our requirements under Data Protection regulations.  We are required to register as we have public facing CCTV around the perimeter of the Village Hall.  David J will proceed with that.  Cost is £35 per year.


8. Notice board in the Bus shelter:


Richard has spoken to D Hutchinson, who will measure up and forward a price for our consideration.


9. Meeting Dates on the website

A resident had suggested that we publish future committee meeting dates on the website.  These are listed in the minutes, but it was agreed to give them more prominence.  David J will add to the site, but note that later dates in the year are currently provisional.

10. Future Activities

a) Spring walk:

Saturday 13th May.  Meeting in the Village Hall car park at 10:15am and parking at Edingham Industrial Estate before the walk starts.

b) Village Dinner 6th May 2017:

Plans are progressing with the dinner.  The caterers require final numbers on 1st May, if possible. The caters will arrive at 4pm on the day so we need to have the hall tables setup before then. Previously we have had a seating plan, but this year we will leave it to residents to select their own seating. 

Entertainment this year will be in the form of live background music from the piano and guitar.  It will be performed by two local, young, musicians.  One will be there for guests arriving at 7pm and will play for an hour.  Further live music will be from 9pm by a second musician. 

c)  Boules Night for Kippford residents and guests:  (24th June)

The website needs the wording refreshed to make it clear that the Boules will take place regardless of weather.  (i.e. Outdoors or Indoors).  David J to deal.

Four people will score their individual lanes (Anne, Alan, Douglas, David J).  Pat will arrange flowers, prizes, cheese, bread, wine, etc.  The Hall carpark should close late morning to allow for cars to leave, and setup for the event.  Tickets are £5 each, £10 for a bottle of wine.

The Kippford Rules will be published on the website; we run a slightly condensed version of Boules due to time constraints.

David J to obtain the drinks licence.

d) Dog Show: 19th August 2017.

The banner at the entrance to Dalbeattie is currently up, with the aim of promoting it to Spring holiday visitors in the area.  Alan will remove it after the 1st of May holiday.

Alan will seek sponsorship for the various classes (10 classes).  Alan to provide David J with details of each class for the website.

e) Future events

Various ideas were discussed, and may be developed further.  It was felt that another Wine Tasting should happen in the Autumn as it was good fun, and well received.


11. AOCB

i)          The AGM is provisionally set at 27 November 2017, 7:30pm in the Village Hall.

ii)         Ian Blake noted that the depression in the road at the top of Kippford, onto the A710, has been repaired.  Traffic cones are currently in place while the repair settles.


DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING:  22nd May 2017 at 7 pm in the Village Hall