Below is the latest updates regarding The Kipp project.

27 February 2018

Last week we had to undertake some tree felling at the edge of The Kipp and the roadside -- we had been advised that several trees were a danger to the public. You can see why. A hollow tree is an accident waiting to happen.


11th January 2018

Following the decision taken at the SGM of The Kipp Ltd, the company is now in the process of being wound up. Many thanks are due to all the people who have kept their belief in The Kipp for all these years. Particular thanks must go to those who worked hard to win this special place for us all to enjoy. Three names must stand out.

Mervyn Wallace who kept in contact with the receivers and advised the Kipp Ltd when and how much to offer. Without his advice we would have believed we needed to offer significantly more.

Ken MacDonald, who worked tirelessly to acquire the land, put up the initial money to buy the land and led the struggle to get full possession.

Kristine Filer without whose passion for the Kipp and her vision and determination, we would never have been successful

We will now arrange a land survey which will advise us of the various existing habitats and identify potential future uses of the land.

Many thanks also to Alistair McLellan for his work on the felled trees and tidying up the aftermath of Scottish Power’s work. Quotations are being obtained for the felling of the remaining dead trees which are close to the road.

If you want to talk to us about the Kipp or have ideas for its future, please contact any member of the Association ‘Kipp Group’:

  • Alan Dingle (Chair), Val Bradbury, Richard Copson, Kristine Filer, David Jamieson, David McCall,  Mike Riding, Caroline Robertson, Doug Waddell


18th November 2017

Not a lot is happening on the land at the moment whilst Scottish Power replace poles and lines and remove dead trees near the power lines. However, off the land, we have been making progress with other organisations.

Three of our Association Kipp subcommittee members attended a Scottish Wildlife Trust meeting in Castle Douglas. The Chairman was very interested in the Kipp and invited Alan Dingle to address the meeting. Off the cuff, Alan gave an excellent short talk on what The Kipp is and our hopes for the future of the land.  Alan received a hearty round of applause.  The Galloway Group of the Wildlife Trust have offered to carry out surveys of the land by a botanist and entomologist at no cost.  This will be carried out in the spring and will support our grant applications.

We have also met with the Forestry Commission who are very enthusiastic about the land and have given good advice. They will meet half the cost of stone wall repair and there are possibilities of grants to help with any woodland planting.

The Woodland Trust have offered bundles of appropriate trees at no cost (other than stakes and protectors).  They will come and survey the site to advise appropriate species.

An onsite meeting with Kimberley Phillips from D&G Communities Directorate took place last week. They also are keen to help with the planning of the way forward and involvement of the local community.

Fund raising has now reached £48,000 plus gift aid.  Many thanks to the latest donors. We are still willing to take your money!  Don’t forget the currency appeal as well!


12th October 2017

With the completion of the sale legal bills were anticipated for the conveyance and for earlier legal work on behalf of the Kipp Ltd (not related to the occupation dispute where all costs are payable by the other side). Both sets of solicitors involved have waived fees giving a significant saving. Both have been thanked for their action.

Hopefully you will have noticed that the grass verges the length of the Kipp land on the way in to Kippford have been cut. This was not the council! After a Saturday night over a glass (or two!) of wine a few of us set to work the next day. Apologies if you missed the opportunity to help, but you will have further opportunities!

We have also been clearing ragwort, although we were really too late before the seeds flew.

An advisor has walked the land with us and given very helpful advice.

Scottish Power will be cutting down several dead trees near the power lines. Other dead trees will also have to be cleared. A wayleave agreement has been signed with Scottish Power and a cheque for £770 for payment from September 2014 has been received.

We are seeking advice on the best way forward with grant applications and will need to develop our ideas for the land.

The next task is to continue clearing the area at the top gate, repair fences and gates and clear/create drainage channels . We are now seeking funding for this first phase.

We are advised that in living memory your land has not been ploughed nor had artificial fertilizer applied. This makes The Kipp a very rare and attractive asset for its botanical potential for wildflowers, grasses, beautiful trees and wildlife.

Fund raising has now reached £45,000, which is an amazing achievement in two months. It is encouraging to know how many of us care about this open space being retained for the village and for the environment. To all who have donated, again many thanks. If you have not got around to it yet, please do!



 19th September 2017

The Kipp.jpgThe Kippford Association have now acquired the Kipp land for the village. Many thanks to all those who donated so generously. In just four weeks we have raised £42,000 of the target £52,000. (If you have not yet donated or would like more information, please contact any committee member)

We will now put some ideas together for the enhancement and management of the land. To all who have supported this project there will be the opportunity to voice your ideas following this update.

A final proposal will be put to the village for approval.

Having agreed a plan for the way forward we will then approach various funds to seek their help in financing the project.                  

Work has already started to clear up the mess that was left at the top gate of the Kipp hill. Sadly the former occupier of this area has left us with a considerable quantity of slurry and manure behind the gates. FREE manure to all who can help clear this area!

The next task will be to repair walling and fencing damaged by the cattle. This can be done as soon as we can complete the fund-raising as mentioned above.

We would also welcome volunteers to help tidy the roadside verge the length of the Kipp land. Sadly the council do not cut the verges now, although some work has just been done to clear some of the scrub and branches overhanging the road. Strimmers at the ready! Watch for more information on dates.

We will also organise “Walk Our Land” days as soon as possible.

This is an exciting long term project for the village. Please get involved in any way you can be it muscle, ideas or feedback.