The “Any Old Currency Appeal”

The appeal to raise funds for The Kipp land has started well. We are already two thirds of the way there.

Many thanks to all those who have already contributed so generously. If you have not yet contributed to the funds please do so now. Don’t say “...I’ll do that next week...” Next week never comes.


This is so important to all who care about our village, our open spaces for all to enjoy and our environment. Fifty donations of £1,000 (we have had several) and we will be there. However, every donation counts, and don’t forget you can claim higher rate tax relief on charitable donations!

Here’s another way you can help. One generous donor has also given us a stack of currency from all over the world that he has accumulated in his travels. (He does travel rather a lot – the pile is two inches thick). Please dig in the bottom of your drawers and donate all you can (notes only please). Uzbekistan Soms, Vanuatu Vatus, Paraguay Guaranis, even the Euro would be welcome!

Please pass your currency to Richard Copson, Welburn, Jubilee Path (620054) or any other committee member as shown in the Appeal Document. (Richard assures us he is not going abroad this year!!)

Thank you.