Monday November 27th 2017 at 7 pm Village Hall


 1)  Welcome: David McCall ( Chairperson)           

David McCall, the Chair of the Association welcomed just over 60 members to the 2017 Annual General Meeting of The Kippford Association. A welcome was extended to any new members present and David expressed the hope that they would have an opportunity during the evening to learn more about the purpose of the Association and its activities as well as an opportunity for us all to meet up with our neighbours, new and old.


2)  Apologies: Bob & Margaret Wright, Jean Hartshorne, Robert & Susan Gemmell, Marjorie & Mike Rice, Lorraine Wood, Edward & Jodie Buckley,Stuart & Lorna Platt, Wendy Warne, Margaret Brown, Alan& Ali Dingle, Mr & Mrs Robert Finlay,Susan & Paul Wilcock, David Jamieson, Ann & Alistair Robertson, Carole Naylor, Derick and Carol Hutchinson, Fiona Morrison.


 3)  Minutes AGM 28th November 2016:

Agreed as accurate.

Proposed:  Richard Copson    Seconded: Jean Marchbank


 4)  Matters arising from the minutes AGM 2016

a) On the matter of the sewer : David McCall obtained from Scottish Water a plan of the route of the main sewer  which runs down the hill from the region of Kipp Paddock. This clearly shows that the sewer does not cross into The Kipp.


David has walked along parts of the boundary wall on The Kipp land and there is a visible section of pipe. This is an isolated and apparently redundant broken section that has been discarded into the field. Both ends of the section are open and unconnected. David has a copy of the plan that is available for inspection .


b) Update on broadband?

BT report that fast broadband is coming to this area soon…… Alister Jack MP is to be encouraged to follow this up.

ACTION: David Mc to write to Alister to ask him to pursue this on our behalf.


 5)  Chairperson's Report       David McCall

Sadly, David recorded the deaths of eight of the village’s residents:

  • Beryl Beaumont
  • Dorothy (Paddy) Dodd
  • Kerry Hartshorne
  • Edna Jones who had lived in the village for 51 years, had served on the Kippford Association Committee and was social convenor for the Solway Yacht Club  
  • Jack McLaren
  • Bertie Moss
  • Betty Thompson
  • Maurice Till



David hoped that the Membership of the Association agreed that it had been another successful year.

David expressed his gratitude to all the members of the Committee:

Alan Dingle (Vice Chairman), Kate Howatson (Secretary),

Douglas Waddell (Treasurer), David Jamieson (Hall Manager and Webmaster), Ann Roberston (Deputy Secretary), Frank Williamson, Lisa Raper, Joanne Harris, Pat Findlay, Richard Copson, Tony Hartnell

David is also indebted to Councillors Ian Blake and Davie Stitt for their attendance at Committee meetings.

It is through the considerable efforts of this talented team that The Association has enjoyed the numerous social events of the past year.

For many, the most significant achievement is the completion of the purchase of The Kipp in September of this year. I will say no more about this topic at this time.

The Minutes of all of our Committee Meetings are published in the Association’s website ( and are displayed in the notice board outside the Village Hall in new notice boards that have been gifted to the Association.  I, therefore, do not intend to provide a detailed description of our discussions as these have already been published.

A varied series of social events in the past 12 months have been organised by the Committee and these have been well supported and thoroughly enjoyed by all who have participated:

      New Years Day Gathering

      Wine Tasting event

      Spring Walk: Dalbeattie Munitions site

      Annual Kippford Dinner

      Boules with associated Cheese and Wine evening

      Dog Show


Once again, I wish to record my own appreciation for the work undertaken not only by the members of the Committee but also by the army of unnamed contributors who make these events succeed.

All of the afore mentioned events have occurred in addition to the regular activities undertaken in the Village Hall and enjoyed by so many.

That concludes the Chairman’s Report for 2017.


 6)  Treasurer's Report           Douglas Waddell      

Douglas presented the accounts for the year to the end of 31st August 2017. Thanks were expressed to Hamish Biggar for his assistance with the accounts.

The accounts as documented were agreed.

Matters Arising:

Re parking: Kevin Gibson asked where coaches, who drop off visitors, should park? Agreed to discuss under AOCB.

Re: Donation to the First Responders: Rita asked the question can a Charity give to another Charity?

ACTION: Douglas to find out.


 8)  Kipp Group Update          Douglas Waddell

Donations from 64 residents enabled the purchase of the Kipp to go ahead. Thanks were expressed to these people and particularly to Kristine Filer and Ken MacDonald without whose vision and hard work over many years we would not now have this land.

Some members of the Committee have walked the land with a local expert and agreed immediate actions:

  • Clear the area near the gate. Staff from Solway Plant Hire have volunteerd to do this.
  • Remove the remains of the shed
  • Contact scrap metal merchants
  • Make good some of the walls & fences
  • Dead trees to be removed- Scottish Power have already started to do this as aprt of the current works programme.
  • Ragwort- sheep will graze the land and eat the new ragwort shoots but this is only a temporary measure. Some residents expressed concerns about sheep being on the land at all. Advice will be taken about removal of ragwort.

Contact has been made with some charitable organisations in order to assist with the future development of the land. Road and Highways Department has also been contacted.

David McCall stated that now that the money has been raised to purchase the Kipp advice will be sought regarding the management of the land. The Committee needs to take time to deliberate on plans and the Committee will bring those plans to the community.


  • Fundraising to be on-going.
  • An accessible path on the Kipp will link to the Core Path
  • Should the area be called the Kipp Community Nature Reserve?
  • What is Dumfries and Galloway Council’s plan for the area?
  • We need a vision Statement
  • We need a tested and costed Business plan
  • People who ‘bought into’ the Kipp should have their views heard first before the wider community.
  • Is the AGM only about the Kipp?

David McCall said that there is a lot of work to do. We need to find out what people want and ideas will be brought to Special General Meetings for discussion. We do not want to make decisions we could later regret. A plan will be put forward and discussed at a special general meeting.


 9)  Election of New Committee Members

The following Committee members are retiring from the Committee: Pat Findlay, Lisa Raper, Ann Robertson, Tony Hartnell, and Kate Howatson.

The following people were elected on to the Committee

Kevin Gibson. Proposed- Jack Nicholson, Seconded- Mary Hesketh

Tony Warne. Proposed- Joanne Harris, Seconded- Kate Howatson

Martin Barrett. Proposed- Martin himself, Seconded Mary Swales

Mike Riding. Proposed- Mike himself, Seconded: Tony Hartnell

Robert Kennedy. Proposed – Robert himself, Seconded- Alistair Dinwiddie

Val Bradbury – co-opted Committee member


10)  A.O.C.B.


Meeting closed at 8:05 pm