The Chairperson, David McCall welcomed everyone to the meeting.

 David was sad to report that two residents had passed away since the last AGM. Professor Kevin Kerr, formerly Consultant in Medical Microbiology in Harrogate District Hospital. Kevin moved to Kippford in August 2015.

Jill Richmond. Jill had lived in Kippford since November 1992 and had been a keen golfer at Southerness Golf Club.

We offer our condolences to both families.

46 members were in attendance see separate list.


Fiona and Gordon Blandford, Bob and Margaret Wright, John and Sharon Withers, Ann and Alistair Robertson, Margaret Brown, Mr and Mrs Gemmell, Alistair Dinwiddie, Stuart and Lorna Platt, Colin Hadfield, Greta McElvogue, Bill and Alison Steele, Wendy and Tony Warne, Fiona Mollison, Carol Naylor.

Minutes of the AGM held on 26th October 2015

These were approved as a correct record by Richard Copson, seconded by Pat Findlay.

Matters Arising from the AGM minutes 2015

Our chairperson wrote to Richard Arkless MP. We understand that High Speed Broadband is now available in at least parts of the village. Maybe we can claim some success for this.

Chairperson’s Report (David McCall)

I was elected by the Association’s Committee Members in March 2016 following the resignation of our previous Chairperson, Ken Ralphs, on account of his failing health. Ken had been a long term supporter of the Association over many years and we are indebted to him for his input particularly as Chairperson.

I have been ably supported by your Committee members:

Alan Dingle (Vice Chairperson), Margaret Poynor-Clark (Secretary) Douglas Waddell (Treasurer), Tony Hartnell  (Hall Manager and Webmaster), Ann Robertson (Deputy Secretary), Lisa Raper and Joanne Harris and Pat Findlay.

Peter and Michele Clement resigned from the Committee in the course of the past twelve months.

In line with the Constitution, Richard Copson, Kate Howatson and John Findlay were co-opted to serve as Committee Members.

Kate and Richard have expressed their willingness to stand for election as Committee Members in tonight’s elections. I express my thanks once more to Peter and Michele and to John for their input into the work of the Committee and to the Association.

I like to view the Committee as an orchestra- a multi-talented group of individuals who share the common interest of maintaining the health and wellbeing of the Kippford Association and ensuring that we have a continuing sense of community. As Chairperson I might be considered as merely the conductor of the orchestra. I play no particular “instrument”; I write no “music”; I have no “baton”. I sit or stand at the front and “read the music”’ so to speak’ that has been written for me. I do my best to ensure that the orchestra (ie the Committee) plays in unison and produces sounds and actions that are considered to be melodious to their audience, yourselves, the Membership of the Association.

The minutes of all our Committee Meetings are published on the Association website. (www.kippfordvillage.org) and are displayed on the notice boards outside the Village Hall and at the bus shelter. I do not intend to provide a detailed description of our discussions as these have already been published. Suffice to say, that the topics have ranged from deer to drains and rabbits to sewers. Bollards  which featured at one time and are now installed.

In the past 12 months a varied series of events have been organised by the Committee. These have been well supported and thoroughly enjoyed by all who have participated:

New Years Day Gathering, Wine Tasting Event, Spring Walk around the Threave Estate, Annual Kippford Dinner, Boules Cheese and Wine Evening, Dog Show, Kipparty and a Guided Walk in Kircudbright.

All the above have occurred in addition to the regular activities undertaken in the Village Hall and enjoyed by so many.

The Committee sought and obtained a comprehensive report in relation to the flooding that resulted from inadequate carriage of water from the south side to the main road into the village. As a result, Dumfries and Galloway Council have cleared an obstruction from the underground pipes and installed an inspection chamber to facilitate future inspections.

At a Special General Meeting held on 7th March 2016, the motion “That the Kippford Association take over the land known as the “The Kipp” following fund raising to a maximum of £52,000 by the Association” was passed. Since that time there have been numerous issues that have delayed the execution of this decision. The Committee will continue to pursue this matter.

Treasurers Report (Douglas Waddell)

The Treasurer began his report by noting a significant drop in the number of donations to the Association (excluding those designated for the Kipp). In this current year there were 59 donations compared to 77 last year. He wondered whether The Association’s donation to the Dalbeattie Christmas Lights Appeal (£1000) last year had deterred some members. It was agreed that more frequent reminders might encourage more donations.

There has been a reduction in the lets for regular activities. Line Dancing and Ballet Fitness have ceased. However, the number of hall lettings for events has increased .

The tariff of the Hall electricity meter has been lowered, resulting in reduced income. We currently owe £760 to Scottish Power. This will be paid by increasing the monthly direct debit to £120.00.

I am delighted to say that the car park donations raised over £1800 pounds this year, £250 more than last year. Thanks should go to Bill Ford who suggested the idea.

We are still waiting for a bill from the plumber who carried out some work 12 months ago.

Leaving aside the money donated to the Kipp, the current balance is just over £26,000.

Alan Holt asked whether Gift Aid could be claimed on the car park donations.

Douglas is considering making an application under the small donations section of Gift Aid

Utility Warehouse (Douglas Waddell)

Sarah Colbeck was unable to attend. After some discussion as to whether this item was competent business, it was agreed that Douglas would make a short presentation. Douglas, in his capacity of treasurer of the Solway Yacht Club had been approached by Sarah Colbeck who is an agent of Utility Warehouse.

Utility Warehouse is part of Telecom Plus, P.L.C. It has 500,000 customers. It doesn’t advertise but uses a system of local reps to recruit customers. The reps receive commission. There are benefits to the customer who receives a competitive tariff, one bill for all their utilities and additional cash back deals on shopping. If the Association were to have 2 agents, the Association could then benefit from the commission.

Robert Kennedy commented that this was not something he wanted the Association to get involved with and that it appeared to be a form of pyramid selling.

The members then voted unanimously against becoming involved with Utlity Warehouse.

Minutes of Special General Meeting 7th March 2016

Many of the members present were not familiar with the contents of the minutes. Margaret Poynor-Clark explained that in view of the fact that the minutes were very long and detailed, it had been impracticable to display them on the notice board. For this reason, they had been available on the website. The approval of the minutes was deferred until the next SGM or AGM whichever was sooner, when hard copies would be available.

Kipp Group Update (Douglas Waddell)

Douglas explained that the Sheriff Principal had found against Mr Richardson and he has been ordered to leave the land. Instead of leaving Mr Richardson has asked for the charge to be suspended. This won’t be heard until January.

Mr Richardson has also made a Land Court application. This also will not be heard until January.

The land needs to be vacant before the Kippford Assocation can acquire it.

Maurice Clark -How much is in the kitty towards the purchase of the Kipp?

Douglas replied that £4200 which includes £750 from Gift Aid.

Ian Purkis -What is time scale for the repayment of Ken’ loan has it been extended?

Douglas replied that it had been extended until January 2017. We are not sure what will happen after that.

Donald McEvelogue-Has an application to the Scottish Land Fund been made?

Douglas replied that the Scottish Land Fund had been approached. They were not keen to fund what appeared to be the repayment of a loan. However there will possibly be money available to improve the land should it be acquired by the Association.

Richard Copson commented: If there are approximately 200 dwellings in Kippford , then based on 2 people per dwelling, a donation of £100 per person would soon raise enough money to buy “the Kipp”. It is a fraction of the amount of council tax paid by each dwelling per year.

Jack Nicholson –Who is responsible for the sewer pipe from the caravan parks into the Kippford. It crosses 3 fields? Jack was also concerned that he had noticed cloudy water in the burn that runs along the front of his property.

There was some debate among the members about the exact course of the pipe. Douglas explained that if the pipes did in fact cross the fields then the Kipp Company who owned the fields would have responsibility.

Please refer to Addendum below for further clarification.

Kristine Filer- Commented that it was the D and G Council’s responsibility to determine how many dwellings /caravans a particular sewage system could sustain. As far back as 1994 the Council had indicated that no more chalets would be allowed.. She was disappointed that subsequently, planning permission had been given for the chalets on Kipp Paddock.

 Election of new Committee Members (David McCall)

2 co-opted members Kate Howatson and Richard Copson sought election.

Margaret Poynor-Clark, our secretary is resigning from the Committee this evening. I thank her for her dedication and guidance during her period of office.

 John Findlay , co-opted member is not seeking election.

There were therefore 4 vacancies and 4 nominations.

Richard Copson proposed by Douglas Waddell, seconded by Lisa Raper was elected

Kate Howatson proposed by AnnRobertson, seconded by David McCall was elected

Frank Williamson proposed by Kate Howatson seconded by David McCall was elected

David Jamieson proposed by Pat Findlay seconded by Ann Robertson was elected


David Butler   informed the members that Paddy Dodds had had a nasty fall and was currently in hospital but was hoping to be home this week.

The Meeting Closed at 7.55pm


Enquiries following the A.G.M have confirmed that there is no pipe shown on the legal documents conveying the land to the Kipp L.T.D. No pipe exists to the knowledge of the Kipp L.T.D.